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Despite the proliferation of information on the internet and other immediately available and searchable formats, there is still a large amount of historical information that is not easily accessible to the general public. If this is not preserved and presented appropriately it will be lost forever and along with it the acknowledgement of what those who came before us achieved.

Our aim is not to just present a list of names and dates, but to research and present the story behind these and to convey why things happened and to put them into the context of the time and their relevance to today.

Jeparit's Wimmera Mallee Pioners Museum - 2015 Vintage Rally
Local Cricket History

Cricket in the Jeparit District

Our current main history project is the researching, collation, and publishing of a book outlining the history of cricket in the Jeparit district. This sport was recorded in the local newspaper as early as 1894, and we have followed it season-by-season since then to compile the facts and figures.

Click here for more details on our recent book, Knights of the Willow

War History

Our consultants' personal interests in history have met in the common ground of our local war history. While researching our other projects we have come across countless letters and stories in local newspapers from during World War I which paint a picture of the feelings of those left behind when their loved ones went overseas to 'fight for King and Country'.

You can see some of our war history work published as articles on the Dimboola Courier website under the History category.

Jeparit's World War I Memorial

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